Obama: President or Cyber Bully?

Obama likes to harness the power of the internet to sway peoples’ opinion — social politics, you might say. Some say it was the reason he was elected in 2008. But has he gone too far? President Obama’s recent campaign ad skipped over his mediocre record, and instead attempted to soil the reputation of some non-politician businessmen who are known to heavily donate funds to support republican politicians. David and Charles Koch were labeled “secretive oil billionaires” by the President; a title Obama surely knows could generate enough negative pressure to make them think twice about further enemy support. Rumors of an enemies list are now seeming more possible than originally thought. This isn’t the first time Obama has been accused of abusing his power for intimidation purposes.

Back in August of 2011, Gibson Guitar was singled out and raided by the Federal Department of Justice on behalf of sovereign laws involving another country that didn’t initiate any complaint. They marched in with guns in hand and seized half a million dollars in goods. Gibson’s competition, C.F. Martin & Company, was not raided although it followed the same process challenged by the Dept of Justice. What made these two guitar makers different? Gibson is a heavy republican party supporter. Martin supports democratic parties.

While Bullying in any form is wrong, broadcasting such blows over the airways and internet is nothing short of cyber bullying. After all, President Obama is quite an intimidating (and powerful) figure to have to face, and intimidation is a bully’s most common weapon of choice.

Do you believe this is cyberbullying, and if so what should be the punishment? 

  • Ken Morrow says:

    Excellent and correct analysis. The cyber world is so open to abuse, a new world in a lot of ways. Makes the character and integrity of those we elect even more important.