Contagious Content in Healthcare

Recorded on February 17 2013

Guests: Patricia Raymond, MDVal Jones, MDBrian AhierLee Aase, Todd Hartley

Contagious content has the power to introduce new information in ways that can change behavior. It can relieve fear, call people to action, or simply provide good information to a large population. It can help form reputations, or sometimes repair them.

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  • Katherine Ellington says:

    Contagious content offers futurist position.

  • MichielGaas says:

    Nice discussion Kathi. Great contributions from everyone. I especially @LeeAase nails it really well when he speaks about targeting.

    What Great Content really is, depends on who needs it, who creates it and why. I think the lowest common denominator is that Great Content, especially in B2B, is always targeted at a specific persona. Secondly, it is of real value to them, it delivers on an actual need.

    We recently published a little model that answers the question what great content is; it’s called the Anatomy of Great Content. I have a copy of it here on my blog:

    Thanks for hosting this discussion Kathi. I enjoyed watching it.