Google Author Ranking and Other Social News

Scott Scowcroft and Kathi Browne jump into this week’s hangout to cover a number of hot social media topics for the week.  First, Kathi discusses Google’s recent decision to kill off author ranking and where marketers should focus attention to establish authorship. Then Scott and Kathi talk about the new YouTube upload capability, new social analytics tools that are available, how social media efforts could help lower healthcare spending (health self-management), how social media might play a part in changing social culture, and more. This discussion is packed full of good tips.

News for the week of Aug 27-Sept 2:

Creative Healthcare Marketing Approaches: Learn from Others

Reed Smith joins me (Kathi Browne) to talk about creative  healthcare marketing approaches; what can be learned from New York Time’s “hard to live” report, why Pinterest’s promotional videos are so effective, what Apollo Health is doing right on its website, and more. Reed is Founder & President at Social Health Institute, Chief Social Strategist for Gray Digital Group, and also serves as an advisory board member to Mayo Clinic  Center for Social Media. Reed and I first met back in early 2013 when I invited him to be a panelist on the discussion “Policies for Healthy Social Participation.” I’m really looking forward to this reunion.

Each week at this time, I invite someone to join me for a discussion on the week’s top news and articles in healthcare social communications and marketing. The morning of the broadcast, I post links to the articles for discussion. My goal is to arm viewers with a contemporary tool chest of social strategies that work. Don’t blink because this show moves quickly, packing tons of useful tips into a half hour of conversation! At the bottom of the hour, I post a link for viewers to join the conversation live. If you would like help with your social media strategy, or just want to pick my brain, contact me about  my consulting services.


Articles Discussed:

How to Design Successful Social Campaigns for Healthcare

Kathi Browne and guest Jason Seiden talk about new and creative ways to use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ for social campaigns for healthcare. They discuss factors driving healthcare into the social arena and how to approach your marketing role with a fresh perspective.

Articles Discussed:

Social Media Checkup: Healthcare Industry Growing Stronger

5 Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies You’ve Never Tried

3 Things the Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Hospital Marketers

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