FDA Social Media Changes that May Affect Healthcare

The FDA is relaxing a bit as legislative deadlines near for issuing guidance. In the social media arena, the FDA has drafted a relatively straightforward formula for compliance with publication of short-form communication (e.g. on Twitter, or Google Ads) as it pertains to healthcare and specifically pharmaceuticals. What does this all mean to those it affects?
I talk with healthcare lawyer and consultant David Harlow to learn what these changes mean to social communication of the future. David is the founder of Healthcare Social Media Review, a bi-weekly blog carnival highlighting health care social media use, best practices, guides, resources, case studies, experiences, new techniques and technologies and new social media communities and tools.

What’s News in Healthcare Social Media – July 23 2014

I share the spotlight with Lee Aase, Director of Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, as we discuss the week’s hot topics in healthcare social media. Lee was one of my earliest hangout guests, so it will be a pleasure to enjoy a friendly reunion over coffee and interesting articles.
Check back on Wednesday to see what articles I post for discussion. And remember, at the bottom of the hour I post a link for viewers to join the live broadcast. You will have a chance to share your own thoughts and ask questions on air. Of course you can always post comments and questions on this event page before, during, and after the show!

Healthcare in an ePatient Era

Kathi Browne talks with epatient Casey Quinlan about grassroots level healthcare system transformation,  how crowdfunding can shift the balance of power in the medical-industrial complex, and other patient-driven change agents.

Casey is a journalist, cancer survivor, author and well-recognized speaker giving e-patients a voice.  You might recognize her by the infamous bar code tattoo she now sports on her neckline. If you don’t know her yet, you’re in for a treat!

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The Role of Healthcare Leaders in Social Media

What is the role of healthcare leaders in social media? Should they be visible online or leave it to the marketing professionals? Some CEO’s don’t see social engagement as essential to their effectiveness, while others embrace the opportunity to tell a story that inspires and defines success. Mark Ackley, principle at Healthcare Transitions, joins me to discuss the week’s social media news and top articles and to dive into administration’s role in social media! Mark is an early adopter of social media in healthcare with a long history in healthcare leadership and transformation. I originally met Mark back in 2012 when I discovered Kids Plus Pediatrics successfully engaging with patients through Facebook. In addition to Mark, Audun Utengen, co-founder of Symplur, also joins our conversation to talk about Symplur Signals, a new feature that was just announced at Doctors 2.0! The changing face of marketing Why CEOs Should NOT be Involved in Social Media Rethinking Corporate Transparency: Healthcare Companies and Crisis Communication Symplur Announces New Social Media Analytics Product for Healthcare Smartphone Users Want Health Care Alerts Meet ‘Salveo,’ the rare falcon hatched on a hospital roof