Vine Videos for Healthcare Communications

During last week’s hangout, I discussed an article highlighting effective uses of vine videos in healthcare communications. I was intrigued by the topic but not so impressed by the samples provided in the articles. I want on a hunt to find better examples of vine video campaigns and found some I’d like to share.

Get Personal

This video made me feel like I had a sneak peek into a patient-provider relationship and I wanted to be a part of it. Even though this message was directed toward a specific patient, I felt like I was a little mouse. This concept would work well as a general message, too. Perhaps you could congratulate all breast cancer survivers during Breast Cancer awareness month next year.


Send a Message

Notice the messages appearing throughout the video? If I were to put this together, I would have included some bikers flying by to create some excitement. This video made me wonder if vine could be used for some kind of virtual scavenger hunt where the quick picks offered clues to follow.

While vine videos aren’t the first tool in healthcare communication, they do reach a younger audience. It might be the right approach to get young adults more involved as well, by inviting them to create vines showing how they stay fit, eat right, or deal with cancer. If you take a stab at vine videos in your healthcare environment, post a link to it in the comments so others can check it out.

Hashtag and Twitter Advice for Healthcare Marketers

Casey Quinlan joined Kathi to talk about how to properly use healthcare hashtags to get the most out of your social engagement. They shared some cool Twitter advice and highlighted some useful Google links as well.

Casey is the CEO of Mighty Casey Media. She is also a strong voice in the e-patient communities.

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FDA Social Media Changes that May Affect Healthcare

The FDA is relaxing a bit as legislative deadlines near for issuing guidance. In the social media arena, the FDA has drafted a relatively straightforward formula for compliance with publication of short-form communication (e.g. on Twitter, or Google Ads) as it pertains to healthcare and specifically pharmaceuticals. What does this all mean to those it affects?
I talk with healthcare lawyer and consultant David Harlow to learn what these changes mean to social communication of the future. David is the founder of Healthcare Social Media Review, a bi-weekly blog carnival highlighting health care social media use, best practices, guides, resources, case studies, experiences, new techniques and technologies and new social media communities and tools.