7 Helpful Social Media Facts You May Not Know

I love stumbling onto a few quick facts I can tuck away for later, so today I decided to share a few of my own:

#1 Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter. In fact if you include a hashtag on a Google+ post, others who are searching for that hashtag will discover your post more easily. There is also a Google+ Business directory that searches for these hashtags to categories business pages.

#2 It is more important than ever  to use keywords in your Twitter posts. Even a year ago, Tweeters were watching the twitter stream live and clicking on posts that caught their attention. Now, however, Twitter has become too populated to catch all the good stuff and Twitter changed some things so that follows of your follows junk up the stream. That’s why it is so important to use keywords in your tweets so that others can stumble onto your posts with a search.

#3 If you want to find Google+ pages from your local area or who share your interests, use FindPeoplePlus. You can search for people and then add them to your circles immediately.

#4 Videos have a higher chance of becoming viral than photos or posts, especially if they are funny and less than 16 seconds. This is one reason why you should include videos in your social media strategy. Videos also help in page ranking. Here are some more interesting facts about social videos.

#5 Facebook Insights are accessible by the owner from the page’s sidebar. These insights help you understand how impactful your content is.

#6 Ripples is a Google+ feature that shows how a post was shared. It appears in the dropdown menu only if you published the post as public.

#7 Linkedin has a new Skills section where you can add yourself as a resource for others. This is a great way to get your name out to those seeking info. The skills section is located under the “more” tab.


  • Rob Howard says:

    Thanks Kathi!
    Some of these were very helpful! Others remind me how much I need to learn about my social media services and how they can help build my real estate business.